Hello and welcome to our Scheduling page!

You may have a few questions regarding what to expect from your first consultation.

Is the consultation free of charge?

Yes, all initial consultations, and initial document reviews are complimentary.

What will we discuss?

We will be discussing the service you are interested in – e.g. tax reduction options for your business or for you as an individual, any business accounting issues you are having, your consulting needs, or other questions. We may ask you for your gross revenue and profits, household’s sources of income, filing status, any tax planning steps you have already implemented, your legal entity type, accounting software, etc.

There is no need to give us exact numbers at this point, ballpark figures are fine.

We try making consultations as informative as possible!

What kind of clients do you work with?

Ratio CPA is a highly specialized practice. We work predominantly with businesses with gross revenues of $500,000 and up (or businesses that foresee their revenues will reach this target within a year or two).

We also work with individuals (self-employed, W-2 wage earners or partners) in higher tax brackets, and high net worth individuals.

What accounting software does Ratio CPA support?

At this time, Ratio CPA works almost exclusively with QuickBooks Online. However, in certain cases we can also work with QuickBooks Desktop installed on a client’s computer, as long as we receive 24/7 remote access.

Is there a service you do not offer?

We currently do not offer standalone income tax preparation services. This means that we prepare tax returns only in conjunction with tax planning and/or CFO services.

We also do not provide bookkeeping services and work on accounting only with clients using QuickBooks Online.