Expert Income Tax Preparation

Business and Personal Income Tax Return Preparation

Taxes don’t have to be stressful. For those clients who utilize our other financial services, we offer expert income tax preparation for both individual and business tax returns. Schedule your free consultation today to start your tax return analysis.


Benefits of Working with an Expert Tax Preparation Specialist

  • Maximizing your tax return savings by employing various tax reduction strategies
  • Lowering potential audit risks and any penalties associated with an incorrectly prepared tax return
  • Peace of mind that your CPA has taken the time to thoroughly analyze your tax return
Tax Preparation
An incorrectly prepared tax return can potentially cost you thousands of dollars in penalties or unrealized tax savings, and the amount increases as your earnings go up. At Ratio CPA, we pride ourselves in paying attention to details and maximizing your tax savings on your tax return.Ratio CPA values customer service and client communication, so you will not be waiting weeks to get an answer to your voicemail or email. We only take on tax return preparation for clients that leverage our other services, such as tax reduction planning, so we are able to really focus on your needs and prioritize communicating any updates.For ease of use, we use the best tax return software in the field to make tax document transfer as simple and secure as possible, with innovative client tax portals to put all of these tools at your fingertips. The rest of your finances happen online, and so should your tax return, backed by the confidence of a secure platform and expert tax professionals.

Tax Return Preparation and Tax Reduction Planning

Tax return preparation is not the same as tax reduction planning, which lowers your overall tax burden through overall financial strategies. While any income, business or business, requires a tax return to be filed every year, tax reduction planning is an optional strategy that is particularly beneficial for high-income earners. At Ratio CPA, we only complete tax return preparation services for clients who utilize our other services, like tax reduction planning.