Brainstorming “No-Brainers”

by | Jun 1, 2021 | Case Studies

We helped “Sara”, a New York City practice owner, save $92,000+ in taxes in 2020 alone by getting rid of her SEP-IRA and helping her set up a Cash Balance Plan in its place.

She had been told by her current accountant that a SEP IRA was a “no-brainer” – but not every accountant will strategically think ahead with the expertise of a Tax Reduction Strategist. If we had not questioned this “no-brainer”, Sara’s 2020 tax bill would have been dramatically higher.

No one wants to overpay the IRS. Having a CPA proficient in tax law and tax reduction planning can lead to significant tax savings. And we don’t take anything as a “no-brainer” – we do the brainwork, estimates, and projections.