Top 3 Questions About Tax Reduction Planning: Cost, Legality and Who Benefits Most

by | Jun 22, 2021 | News

Tax planning involves an analysis of your business and personal income in order to determine, and implement, strategies that will lower your tax burden. A lowered tax burden, of course, frees up resources for growth, expenses, or investment.

Below we answer the top 3 questions that seem to be on the minds of our potential clients: is tax planning expensive? Is it legal? Who is it for?

1. How much does tax planning cost?

This depends on the complexity of your tax and financial situation and how much value we can bring to the table. We charge by the project, and not by the hour. We are able to provide a binding quote and savings estimate following an initial phone consultation and a tax return analysis.

That being said – tax planning is one of the only services with a Return of Investment.

2. Is tax planning legal?

Of course. As a CPA firm, we are required to act with professional responsibility as outlined by the Internal Revenue Code. All our strategies are rooted in the IRS code. We will never recommend a strategy that is not fully legal and ethical. We do not deal with gray areas.

We stand behind our services and offer a guarantee.

3. Who benefits most from tax planning?

Anyone who pays taxes can benefit from tax planning – but the biggest benefits are gained by businesses and their owners, as well as self-employed individuals who pay over $50,000 in taxes annually.

Of course, the higher your tax burden, the higher your potential savings will be.

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